Innovative Marketing


UpEvolution offers an instrument of innovative marketing, which allows a communication in real time with your own customers, in a very easy and fast way with low costs and checking in real time all your customers 'feedbacks. 

Through our APPs (specifically studied and developed), it will be easy and intuitive to make your customers faithful, create new business opportunities as well as new contacts. 

The APPs are realized as to function on main Smartphones in commerce and they have been planned as to develop together with the customer's business. 


The App market in Europe



The EU market is worth in € 17,5 billions, gives a job to 1,8 millions of people and it will come to a profit of € 63 billions in 2018!


How fast is growing this market ?

From 0 to 17,5 billions in 5 years: since 2008 to 2013, the European App market is developed to an incredible rythm!

All starts in 2008, when Apple launched the App Store. Since that moment, Apps have become the real "killer application" of mobile phones: we calculate that just in 2013 94 billions of App have been uploaded on mobile devices.

According to Analysts, this market is just at the beginning! 


How it works


Once activated the service, Companies will have at their disposal web instruments as to manage in autonomy their App.

This system is composed by: 

1. (Backend) web area used by the Company as to manage all contents that users/customers will display. 

2. (Frontend) is the APP or eventually a web page for users who haven't a Smartphone that shows the contents. 


The APP doesn't limit itself to show "static" contents (ex : company page or contacts) but it has been studied and created as to be a bidirectional instrument through which the customer can communicate in a direct way with the company.
For the customer are available many forms for different requests, pictures uploading, promotion booking and all what concern the many other possible services that a company can offer to the customers. 

Obviously, a dedicated place has been reserved for main Social Networks (Facebook, Youtube ecc.), through dedicated icons as to let a fast, easy and direct access to the link of the company. 

Main Characteristics



Please find below a brief list of main functionalities that you will find inside an App: 





Possibility of managing autonomously the main buttons, desktop and all contents of the pages (company description, telephone numbers, email, web site etc.).  


The facility of the customer to keep in touch very fastly and easily with your company, will be always granted thanks to direct integrations done inside the App pages. For instance, you can just click an icon and directly call a company or sending an email with a message text, or even take a picture and upload directly (in case a company needs the photo before sending you a reply). 



Insert and check Promotions has never been so easy! Through the App you can see pictures of the promo, define validity periods, manage the items for free and directly check how many reservations and visits have been done during the day by end customers. 

This system allows a real time checking of ROI (return of investments) of a Promotion, registering each possible information about visualisation or adhesion by Users. 


Possibility of notifying to Users any information. This represents a great marketing instrument as to have always a direct link to the customer, constantly drawing his attention. 


Managing the News of your activity as to communicate in real time. You can show any kind of news, inserting texts or pictures (ex : new head office, closing period, starting of sales etc.)  


Possibility of showing any kind of picture of your activity (ex: photos of the head office or visualize the pictures of the products / services). 



Connexion of Social Network of the company in a very simple way. It is enough to insert the direct link of your webpage and the App will automatically show your company profile inside the App (through the icon Facebook for instance). 

UpEvolution, being a dynamic and interactive company, offers to all customers a technical and operational assistance in any moment a customer needs for.

Through the remote web, UpEvolution can reach any point will be supported by online technology. This allows a direct and constant  link, letting the customer have the solution always at his fingertips!

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